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Fifty-One Years of Educational Excellence
Sea Lab, Marine Science Educational Center
New Bedford Public Schools

1968 - 2019

Welcome to Sea Lab! 

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Sea Lab is a marine science studies program funded through the New Bedford Public Schools for the perpetuation of real science activities. Historically, this Program has existed as a six-week summer program servicing academically serious students since 1968. The success of the summer program precipitated the development of an academic year program to expose all grade five students to the realm of marine and aquatic sciences.

Since 1968, Sea Lab has been a six-week summer component of the New Bedford Public Schools. Historically, this Program has been located by the sea at Fort Rodman, New Bedford, Massachusetts. Currently, Sea Lab is a marine and aquatic educational facility servicing New Bedford Public School students interested in studying principles of oceanography, limnology, meteorology, physics, chemistry, geology, and biology as related to the marine and aquatic environments. Practical outdoor skills, such as swimming, sailing, and snorkeling are also an integral part of the summer Sea Lab experience.

In addition to classroom exercises, students participate in field studies conducted along the Massachusetts and Rhode Island coastlines. Also, in collaboration with area universities, Sea Lab students have had the opportunity to participate in on-going scientific research. The teaching materials, selected by the instructors, for presentation at different grade levels, illustrate their desire to achieve a balance between the introduction of basic scientific concepts and the discussion of observable phenomena. The summer curriculum is designed to be progressive and cumulative from the fourth grade to the ninth grade. All in all, the current Sea Lab Program is a high interest, hands-on, intensive study designed to appeal to the serious student.

All Applications, including Spanish and Portuguese Applications, are available at every New Bedford Public School, including all New Bedford private and parochial schools.  

For Questions regarding the Sea Lab Program, please call Simone Bourgeois, Facilitator, at Sea Lab at 508-997-4511 Ext 58501.

Classes begin and students report on 
Monday, July 8, 2019 
and commence on
Friday, August 16, 2019.

Message from the Summer Sea Lab Keel:
The Sea Lab Keel is the parent/teacher organization of Sea Lab.  Our function is to raise money to buy and repair equipment, defray the costs of field trips, purchase trophies and awards, and award scholarships to our Sea Lab alumni as they enter college.

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